PACITRA SARL is a company under Congolese law operating in the field of transport, logistics, and also in the customs clearance of goods.
Ever since its creation in 2012 by Congolese people, PACITRA SARL has aimed at taking the needs of its customers at heart in its development strategy.
As such, it has gradually extended its road network from Kinshasa to Matadi, Boma, Kikwit, Lufu and Lubumbashi via Angola, but also its river network from Kinshasa to Mbandaka, Lisala, Bumba and Kisangani.
Nowadays, thanks to its experience and its mastery in its different sectors of activity such as customs, transport and logistics, PACITRA SARL keeps on expanding its activities in order to face the challenges of the development of the DRC,on the one hand , and to adapt to the requirements and needs of the country on the other hand.
of its ever-growing customer base, on the one hand, and on the other, in strict compliance with the standards in the sector.
With its highly qualified staff, its quality equipment and its strong management perspective, PACITRA SARL today plays a key role in transport, customs and logistics in the DRC.

Deputy Managing Director
Antoine Babala

We are also present on the congo river with the m/b Nyawera with our 2 barges of 350 and 450 tons we serve mbandaka - bumba - lisala - kisangani -ilebo

Our Values

Provision of the required skills ensuring the success of the missions you entrust to us

Transparency. Clear conditions, precise commitments, confirmed results.

Carrying out our mission within your company without any vested interest